IoT Partnership Overview

The IoT Partnership between SAS and Arrayworks delivers a unique and complementary combination of tools and capabilities that enable a robust approach to managing the complexities associated with monitoring and managing IoT driven ecosystems.

Arrayworks’ Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP), is an IoT Application Enablement Platform that enables the creation of Digital Twins of the Organization – the sensors, buildings, equipment, processes, documents, or “things” as they exist in the real world.

SAS®  Event Streaming Processing (ESP) provides the capability to continuously monitor all these “things” or what we call entities, for critical events. ESP then applies advanced AI capabilities to trigger the appropriate actions and notifications required to track and resolve these critical events.

Together we deliver a complete edge to operations solution that allows organizations to seamlessly model, monitor and manage their entire digital value stream. Our solution delivers the situational awareness, triggers actions and accountability essential to reducing operational friction and for driving operational excellence across the entire digital business ecosystem.

Why Arrayworks and SAS?

SAS and Arrayworks have partnered to deliver a complete IoT solution. From edge to operations, we enable customers to monitor operations for critical events, notify and orchestrate appropriate Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven responses, and launch processes to track and resolve issues.  

SAS delivers the Power To Know® and Arrayworks delivers the Power To Do. Together we deliver a powerful solution to achieve IoT driven digital ambition.


  • Edge Monitoring
  • Event Stream Processing 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Event Orchestration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Twin of an Organization


  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Communities
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care 

About SAS

SAS transforms a world of data into a world of intelligence through innovative software and services, including AI, machine learning, Cloud and IoT analytics.  Its mission is to empower and inspire with the most trusted analytics.

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