Orchestrating the Last Mile of AI

By John McDonald, VP of Strategy and Go-To-Market at Arrayworks

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence – The Power to Know

Artificial intelligence (AI) and low-code application platforms are not only providing improved and entirely new digital business operating models, they also provide the perfect foundation for driving continual improvement guided by real-time actionable insights.  These insights allow for greater situational visibility, improved decision making and more intelligent processes.

To support improved decisions, AI needs to be incorporated across as many of the platform applications as possible. AI tools can be used to continually uncover and expose unseen connections about customer preferences, operational performance and enterprise exposure to risk, enabling organizations to improve customers experiences with targeted offers, continually improve operational efficiencies and respond quickly to instances of fraud.  

AI provides the capabilities necessary for becoming a transformed predictive enterprise. Knowing what your customer wants before they do, scheduling maintenance before a piece of equipment fails, being able to detect fraud and understanding what marketing campaign worked and why, are all achievable with the proper use of AI tools.

The Last Mile of AI – The Power to Do

So, what happens next?  By leveraging AI, enterprises now have the situational awareness to know what’s happening and the ability to predict and prescribe action.  But what good is knowing what to do if you don’t have a way to orchestrate what needs to take place after these events are identified? The key to transformed operating models is being able to digitally represent all the entities or participants within the digital ecosystem by creating a Digital Twins of the Organization (DTO).

DTO’s provide a critical piece of the puzzle needed to support Digital Twins of real assets; the people, processes and “things” as they exist in the real world. Once you have a digital proxy of all “things”, it becomes easy to relate them and orchestrate responses to events regardless of their source.  It becomes even more powerful when you combine and expose robust sets of data from previously siloed legacy systems including IoT sensors, external partners and internal customer information to deep learning analysis. Applied appropriately, this data can be used to both predict customer needs and prescribe the next best actions or offers to take.

Bringing It All Together

Data can come from many different sources, but it is how enterprises leverage the data that will determine who succeeds and who fails. The sheer volume of data has gone beyond human comprehension. For organizations to remain relevant they will need to acquire new technologies that support their digital operating ambitions. That strategy must include the ability to continually monitor their business ecosystem, from edge to operations, leverage real-time AI capabilities to identify actionable events, predict and prescribe actions and orchestrate those actions to deliver superior operational and customer experiences.

Arrayworks – SAS IoT Partnership Delivers

SAS and Arrayworks have partnered to deliver a complete IoT solution. From edge to operations, we enable customers to monitor operations for critical events, notify and orchestrate appropriate Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven responses, and launch processes to track and resolve issues.

SAS delivers the Power To Know® and Arrayworks delivers the Power To Do. Together we deliver a powerful solution to achieve IoT driven digital ambition.  To learn more about the SAS and Arrayworks partnership visit https://arrayworks.com/sas/.

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