Important Technology Considerations

New technologies are driving swift changes in how organizations compete to deliver products and services. The challenges are many and require a well-constructed vision of where the markets are heading and how they are being impacted by new disruptive entrants. Many organizations are struggling with how to best leverage new technologies such as IoT, AI, Digital Twins, 5G, Event Orchestration Platforms as well as many more emerging technologies to support both near and long-term goals.  

Currently, these new technologies are being delivered as disconnected standalone solutions to address specific operational needs. Examples of this include augmented reality to improve maintenance capabilities for field workers, IoT sensors to limit downtime and reduce manufacturing costs, AI to improved customer experiences and drive sales, and Digital Twins of entire organizations in order to gain the advantages achieved by having real-time situational awareness across the entire value chain.   

However, as these new technologies mature and organizations move up the learning curve on how to leverage them, they will begin to understand that these solutions should not be disconnected. Successful organizations must be able to connect to and orchestrate data from across all ecosystems in which they participate. Achieving this requires a higher and more strategic view of where organizations see themselves competing, how they will support and transform their workforces, and what technologies they should be investing in today.  Technology investments must future-proof the organization’s ability to continually evolve and leverage not only today’s emerging solutions, but tomorrow’s completely new, unpredictable, and groundbreaking technologies. 

There are several complex considerations that need to be addressed before choosing a proper course of action.  Determining which technologies are likely to succeed, how they can be used to maximize operational efficiency, reduce risks, and most importantly, drive increased revenues, are just a few of the many important questions to examine. Both business and IT leaders must research, understand, and debate before committing capital and resources to these game-changing projects. 

About Arrayworks:  

Arrayworks Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP), delivers the digital platform capabilities essential to achieving a true digital business operating system. Built for constant change, TAP empowers businesses to continually iterate and evolve, faster, smarter, and without the delays, costs and limitations associated with traditional solutions. 

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