Arrayworks Announces TAP, its Transformation Acceleration Platform

TAP into the Future of Digital Business

MANSFIELD, Mass., June 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Arrayworks, a Boston-based low-code application platform provider, today launched their new Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP), a comprehensive and intelligent Low-code application platform to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. TAP makes it easier than ever to digitally represent the people, processes, documents and “things” as they exist in the physical world, and then orchestrate critical relationships and events across complex and constantly evolving digital ecosystems.

Gordon Earle, CEO and Founder of Arrayworks says “TAP supports our clients by providing the foundation for real digital transformation. It’s an end to end solution that is agile, scalable and intuitive. TAP enables our clients to create digital twins of their organizations, which provide the proper insights and contexts necessary to respond to changing business conditions and customer preferences.” 

One of the major benefits to TAP is the patented event driven approach to process design called Success Mapping. Success Mapping enables users to model and implement complex processes with little to no-coding, speeding time to market and optimizing project ROI.  Additional TAP features include:

  • Robust no-code entity modeling
  • Custom Work-spaces for insight, understanding and control
  • Advanced declarative tool sets
  • Drag & drop page and grid creation
  • Auto-documentation of all processes
  • Process histories with full audit trails
  • Ubiquitous tasking for true accountability
  • Customizable knowledge base to speed learning and ensure consistent performance
  • An advanced multi-dimensional data visualization tool to help discover new opportunities, identify process bottlenecks and view real-time insights on operational performance

Arrayworks’ TAP enables business users, consultants and developers to collaborate and deliver elegant no compromise solutions that can be continuously improved and extended across the entire digital value chain, resulting in operational transcendence.

About Arrayworks

Both business and IT leaders rely on the Arrayworks Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP) to achieve their digital transformation objectives.  On premise or in the cloud, the Arrayworks platform delivers sophisticated solutions – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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