A low-code application platform to intelligently automate and solve complex business problems. 

Discover the Power of the Transformation Acceleration Platform:

Intelligent Automation

For Smarter Enterprises 

Combine process, AI, IoT, digital twins, data integration, and low-code in one unified platform.

Low Code

For Competitive Advantage  

Develop apps faster to continually innovate, iterate, and transform.

Digital Twin of an Organization

For Cross-Organization Awareness 

Situational dashboards enable real-time operational insights for informed decisions. 

What our customers are saying:


Speed of Innovation

Business leaders & IT collaborate to quickly build, adapt and deploy new products and services.

Simplified Process Design

Process owners quickly design and continually adapt processes to deliver engaging customer experiences.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Embedded multi-dimensional analysis tool to spot process bottlenecks and uncover hard to see opportunities and emergent trends.

Best Practices & At -Time Knowledge

Organizations self-curate and share best practices to ensure consistent messaging and support workers with the most up-to-date information.​

Role Specific Insights

Customized role specific dashboards guide workers to prioritize and complete work efficiently.


Embedded platform security at every level to ensure privacy and confidentiality of information.


Easily digitize all your documents and securely process business forms anytime on any device.

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Enable customer engagement across all channels within a single platform solution, for higher customer satisfaction.

World Leading AI & IoT

Incorporate AI and IoT capabilities to support more informed human decisions while enabling intelligent automation of predictive and prescriptive actions across the entire organization.

Work from Anywhere

Enable employees to work from any location without missing a beat. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud to support remote workers and limit service disruptions.


Auto-documenting processes save time and money on the back end of your projects to comply with organizational policies.

Ease of Integration

TAP’s No-code API tool enables a fast approach to integrating with legacy systems, new solutions and third-party data sources. Whether taking advantage of over 350 pre-built connectors or creating custom connectors on the fly, you will benefit from a standardized repeatable approach, improved governance and reduced demand on technical resources.