Why a Digital Twin of Your Organization is the Key to True Transformation.

According to Gartner “a digital twin of an organization as a dynamic software model of any organization that relies on operational and/or other data to understand how an organization operationalizes its business model, connects with its current state, responds to changes, deploys resources and delivers expected customer value.” 

So, what does this mean and why is it the key to true and sustainable transformation?  Let’s begin with the idea that every organization is an interconnected ecosystem.  People, processes, data, strategies, assets, and customer interactions are all connected through complex relationships and interdependencies.  When the ecosystem exists only in physical form, it’s difficult to view and understand those interdependencies.  It’s especially difficult to understand how changes may ripple across the entire ecosystem.   

What if organizations could rapidly create an accurate digital representation of their ecosystem that can be scrutinized prior to implementation?  With a DTO, organizations can map transformation, measure performance, and create situational awareness, resulting in insights that increase both efficiencies and productivity.   

While the idea of a DTO may sound interesting, how exactly can a company begin this journey?  To start, a DTO provides an organization with the opportunity to digitize its business operating system (BOS) by creating the proper digital representations of its business model easily orchestrating relationships and events across its entire business ecosystem.  Low-code platforms that enable no-code configuration of these entity models provide the perfect digital canvas on which organizations can build, test, iterate, and deploy operational DTO’s that represent every critical facet of their business operating system.   

However, not all low-code platforms are created equal.  The Arrayworks Transformation Acceleration Platform (TAP) is a low-code application platform that’s advanced no-code tools enable organizations to: 

  • Rapidly create applications to take advantage of new opportunities 
  • Monitor and respond to critical events in real-time 
  • Support improved decisions with real-time role-specific insights  
  • Be continuously adapted to meet changing operating needs 
  • Simplify & automate complex processes and workflows 
  • Analyze multi-sourced data sets to uncover unseen opportunities  
  • Orchestrate & log AI-driven predictive & prescriptive maintenance  
  • Track assets to understand and maximize utilization rates  

TAP’s patented approach to process orchestration, event-driven architecture, and robust no-code entity modeling delivers the foundational platform from which organizations can create a Digital Twin, enabling a sustainable digital transformation approach that supports awareness, action, and accountability from top to bottom.  

The power of TAP is that it allows organizations to start small, iterate operating models, and then scale the DTO across the entire business ecosystem in a logical and precise manner.  The result will be true transformation. 

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